Promoter Jason Wright admits he used ticket sale money ahead of Derek Acorah event at Wisbech St Mary – Wright issues unequivocal apology to the TV psychic

01st May 2017

Promoter Jason Wright has admitted he used pre-ticket sale cash to pay creditors ahead of the cancelled Derek Acorah ‘Whispers from Heaven’ gig at Wisbech St Mary.

The event was cancelled at the last minute and the police were called. The fact that the cupboard was bare and Mr Acorah was not going to be paid has now emerged as the reason for the cancellation.

Mr Acorah says Mr Wright “was not threatened with any financial penalty” to tell the truth.

The detail of what happened on the night was revealed on Mr Acorah’s Facebook page at the weekend.

“Derek’s lawyer asked Jason Wright to tell the truth, which he did so using his solicitor, Messrs Fraser Dawbarns, Wisbech,” said a statement.

“The fact that Jason Wright misappropriated the ticket money from the audience (he spent their money before the show and borrowed it to repay people) created a situation where Derek was not going to be paid, as per the contract.

“Jason Wright claims to have dissolved Wrights Entertainment, cancelled all contracts, including all forthcoming publicised events and therefore is unable to continue trading.

“Jason Wright was asked on the night to tell the truth but he declined.

“Jason Wright was also asked the following day to tell the truth but again he declined”

Mr Acorah said he was left with no alternative than to serve Mr Wright notice stating that unless he tells the truth, he would be taken to high court.

“Jason Wright was advised by a local solicitor, it was in his interests to issue a statement of truth, ahead of further legal costs,” said Mr Acorah.

He said the issue of legal costs remain and Mr Wright had been previously warned but had refused to act.

“These costs will be recovered when we have notice that Jason Wright is trading under any other name, or has trading funds,” says Mr Acorah.

He warned that legal action could follow against any others “whom deemed it fit to lie or mislead the public pertaining the night in question”.

“Now, finally Jason Wright has published the truth, we hope that all of the false allegations against Derek Acorah will now be finalised. Acorah Productions will pursue any person or organisation without notice for any false allegations,” said Mr Acorah.