Fens company opens new fertiliser factory in Scotland – and loading their first phosphate cargo berthed next to a famous visitor

13th February 2018

Law Fertilisers of March has opened a new fertiliser factory in Scotland.

Last Monday when they unloaded their first cargo of phosphate in Rosyth the ship was berthed next to the new aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy just outside Edinburgh

The vessel named MV Hathor spent two weeks getting loaded in St Petersburg due to extreme snow storms and then travelled through ice packs and then strong gales in the Baltic Sea before arriving in Scotland.

She headed to Kings Lynn for unloading the rest of the 3,500 tonne cargo of high quality phosphates destined for spring crops across East Anglia.

The vessel is owned by Tata Steel and was delivering pipes to Russia and has been able to bring the fertiliser back for Law Fertilisers as a back load before collecting its next load of steel in Rotterdam

The weakening dollar, a slump in Eastern European agriculture and over production in China have made the price of the cargo lower than expected earlier in the season as fertiliser prices in general fall back in response to global overcapacity in commodities.

“We are concerned that they will be importing more than ever next year as the Yorkshire based British potash mine has decided to cease production in the summer after producing 500,000 tonnes annually for over 40 years,” said director Mark Laws. He said they have been sole suppliers to Law’s over the last 30 years of both potash and also salt products the latter which vital for the regional sugar beet industry will be of particular concern to growers..